Dr. Dryer Duct is your premier choice in dryer duct cleaning, repair and replacement, as well as home air conditioning & heating duct cleaning. We have been cleaning ducts throughout the Los Angeles area for over 12 years and we use all of the latest equipment available. We are specialists in cleaning dryer and A/C ducts because that’s all we do. We are available 7 days a week and come to you at your convenience. Weekend appointments are no problem. Call us anytime to make an appointment at 818-482-9317.

With Dr. Dryer Duct, we thoroughly clean and inspect your dryer vent system looking for kinks, leaks, holes or obstructions that will cause your dryer to work harder than necessary and inform you of any potential problems, unsafe operating conditions or other situations that may need to be remedied. We can then repair or replace any ducting if needed.

It is our policy to NOT clean plastic hose vents, but we can replace yours with a fire code approved dryer exhaust duct.


Good indications that you need your dryer duct cleaned are:

  • Drying your clothes/towels for more than one cycle
  • Little or no air exhausting out of the vent outside
  • Noticeable build up of excessive heat
  • Dryer breaks down frequently


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The #1 reason to have your dryer duct cleaned is to prevent a fire.
The National Fire Protection Association says: "Dryers and washing machines were involved in one out of every 22 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments in 2006-2010."


Your dryer vent is a hidden fire hazard.
Most people think that cleaning out their lint screen is all they need to do. But simply cleaning your lint screen is not enough. A clean lint screen can only trap up to 75% of the lint produced from your dryer. What is not trapped by the lint screen can build up over time in the ducting, reducing airflow and causing excessive heat to build-up which could lead to a fire at any time. Dryer lint is extremely flammable!

How to save money and avoid costly repairs.
When you dryer has reduced airflow from lint buildup, crushed or kinked ducting, it forces the dryer to run longer resulting in higher utility costs. It can also shorten the life of your dryer significantly and increase the need for repairs. Regular inspection and cleaning of your dryer duct can shorten drying time and save you money on your gas and electric bills by increasing the overall efficiency of your dryer. Maintaining a clean and healthy dryer duct system is key to an energy efficient and safely operating clothes dryer that will last for years.

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